Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sharing Chains

The third grade class again this year enjoyed making "Sharing Chains".  Each student is given 4 strips of paper. They write things on them they share either at school or at home.  We find out that just about everything we do involves sharing, communicating, or cooperating with one another.  They then glue their strips of paper together making chain links.

 After they glue theirs together they share and cooperate with someone else gluing their links together and continue this until the class has made one continuous chain.  The tricky part of this activity is always having a link not glued so you or your partners have a connecting link for the other person or group.  The expectation is to not have to take any links apart to conect the chain with others.  This requires good sharing and cooperation strategies.  After the chain is completed the students carry it around the room with everyone carrying a part of the chain.  We discuss how carefull it has to be handled so it won't come apart.  We also discuss how it could easily be distroyed.  This leads us into a conversation about relationships and how to treat each other.