Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bullying Unit Fourth Grade

One of our lessons on bullying in our fourth grade classes reflects the idea of how damaging bullying can be during the lifetime of the victim, and that being bullied can have lasting effects.  The first class we visit about what bullies do.  The students then write on a piece of paper things that bullies do.  During our next class I brought a board to class along with nails, hammer, and a nail puller.  Each student had an opportunity to pound a nail part way into the board.  Next the papers they had written on were passed out randomly to the students, who then one by one read something from their paper what a bully does.  As these things were read a nail was pulled from the board.  The discussion then led to how the board was different now, and how impossible it would be to fix the holes left by the nails.  We discussed different methods of repairing the holes, but they would still be somewhat visible and still there.  The students then crummpled up their papers, put them into the trash, and we got rid of all the negative things bullies do.  This has been a very good visual lesson on bullying.