Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Character Building Activities

  During the school year our first grade students watch a video called "Free the Horses".  It is an adventure movie that gives students character building techniques.  It also reinforces the idea if situations become difficult they can stick to it, and with determination and effort they will be able to overcome their obstacles.  Off an on during the school year they watch the video and do various activities and worksheets that are correlated to the video.  Here is an example of students doing a worksheet on having a positive or negative attitude.  The worksheet connects thier positive feelings   as clear bright sunny thoughts, and negative feelings as being stormy.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This past week the Kindergarten classes discussed feelings.  They really like the book relating to feelings called "Glad Monster, Sad Monster."  After reading the story they enjoy drawing one of their favorite feeling monsters portrayed in the book.

During "Red Ribbon Week" the third grade class book was entitled "Drugosours!"  The workbook teaches the many bad and harmful effects drugs have on the body.  The students also enjoyed making their own drug free posters.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Red Ribbon Week a Success

The Elementary Schools Red Ribbon Week ended with a lot of enthusiasm.  Students, as well as staff, created a great atmospher throughout the week and especially Friday as it was Halloween.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Red Ribbon Week, Fun for Everyone

Red Ribbon Week has started this year at the Primary and Intermediate Schools!! Have fun and remember to be safe on Friday during Halloween.


Red Ribbon Week.jpg
Red Ribbon Week
October 27-October 31 2014

The Intermediate and Primary buildings will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week October 27-October 31.  During Red Ribbon Week we encourage students and staff to wear clothing for the theme of the day.  This years themes are as follows.
Monday    Oct. 27    Wear Red Day - Help Raise Drug Awareness By Wearing Red from Head to Toe

Tuesday    Oct. 28   Don't Get Mixed Up With Drugs - Mix and Match Clothing

Wed          Oct. 29   Team Up Against Drugs - Wear your favorite Sports Team

Thursday   Oct. 30   Give Drugs the Boot - Wear your boots on this day

Friday        Oct. 31   Put a scare on drugs - Bring your costume for the afternoon activities

Strong Start for 2014-2015 school year

We have had a strong start with the school year so far.  One of our counseling goals is to continue strong throughout the rest of the school year.  We also need to remember to play safe, have fun together, and treat everyone with respect.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sharing Chains

The third grade class again this year enjoyed making "Sharing Chains".  Each student is given 4 strips of paper. They write things on them they share either at school or at home.  We find out that just about everything we do involves sharing, communicating, or cooperating with one another.  They then glue their strips of paper together making chain links.

 After they glue theirs together they share and cooperate with someone else gluing their links together and continue this until the class has made one continuous chain.  The tricky part of this activity is always having a link not glued so you or your partners have a connecting link for the other person or group.  The expectation is to not have to take any links apart to conect the chain with others.  This requires good sharing and cooperation strategies.  After the chain is completed the students carry it around the room with everyone carrying a part of the chain.  We discuss how carefull it has to be handled so it won't come apart.  We also discuss how it could easily be distroyed.  This leads us into a conversation about relationships and how to treat each other.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bullying Unit Fourth Grade

One of our lessons on bullying in our fourth grade classes reflects the idea of how damaging bullying can be during the lifetime of the victim, and that being bullied can have lasting effects.  The first class we visit about what bullies do.  The students then write on a piece of paper things that bullies do.  During our next class I brought a board to class along with nails, hammer, and a nail puller.  Each student had an opportunity to pound a nail part way into the board.  Next the papers they had written on were passed out randomly to the students, who then one by one read something from their paper what a bully does.  As these things were read a nail was pulled from the board.  The discussion then led to how the board was different now, and how impossible it would be to fix the holes left by the nails.  We discussed different methods of repairing the holes, but they would still be somewhat visible and still there.  The students then crummpled up their papers, put them into the trash, and we got rid of all the negative things bullies do.  This has been a very good visual lesson on bullying.